Twenty years ago — 1998

Carol Dankert, deputy of operations for the Family and Children’s Services Division recently praised Dunkirk’s Columbus Club for donating new car seats to the Department of Social Services Foster Care Program. “The department is very appreciative of the generosity shown by the Columbus Club in donating car seats for foster parents to use. It is gratifying to have the community as embodied in the Columbus Club membership show their support in such a tangible way.” The car seats will make it easier for foster parents to provide safe transportation for the children in their care.

Thirty years ago — 1988

Dr. Ganesh Deshpande, MD, has joined the medical staff at Brooks Hospital in Dunkirk, specializing in pediatrics, pediatric hematology and oncology. Dr. Deshpande will be relocating to Dunkirk and will establish an office at 617 Central Ave., Dunkirk. He received the Outstanding Pediatric Teaching Attending Award presented by the South Buffalo Mercy Hospital pediatric residents for 1983-84.

Forty years ago — 1978

By a 4-0 vote, the Dunkirk Zoning Board of Appeals upheld a ruling the Cobb Ambulance is illegally operating a commercial business from a home in a residential district. John Cobb, president of the ambulance company, plans to file an appeal. Mr. Cobb recently moved from 221 Maple Ave., Dunkirk to 15 Newton St., Dunkirk. He claims that since he does not maintain an office or dispatch ambulances from his residence, it is not a commercial operation.

Fifty years ago — 1968

The village of Silver Creek is experiencing financial trouble because a grant for $715,000 and the loan of $1,087,000 promised by the Farm Home Adminstration did not materialize. If the village “folds,” the town of Hanover would take over, but would not take over the village debt. Mayor James DeJohn said he fought the installation of the sewer system for years, knowing the village taxpayers could not pay for it.