Twenty years ago — 1998

The Seneca Nation of Indians is threatening to take the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. to court unless the power company agrees to pay “fair annual rentals” on transmission lines that cross reservation lands. According to the Nation, these long distance transmission lines across the Allegany and Cattaraugus Reservations in western New York are currently being operated in violation of federal law and without payment of fair annual rentals to the Nation. The Senecas said the power company has been running these lines across reservation lands since the 1920s while paying the Nation “almost nothing.”

Thirty years ago — 1988

Timothy Jakubiec of Rome son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jakubiec, 136 Lord St., Dunkirk has been chosen as 1988 “Teacher of the Year” for the Remsen Central School District. A member of the teaching staff since 1975, Mr. Jakubiec currently teaches Regents biology, physics and advanced placement biology. During the summers of 1986-87, he planned, coordinated and directed the construction of the Remsen Nature Trail located on the school grounds. He is a 1969 graduate of Dunkirk High School and an alumnus of Fredonia State University College.

Forty years ago — 1978

County Legislator Dr. John Glenzer (R-Fredonia) announced in Jamestown today that he is launching a campaign to keep New York state and particularly the Southern Tier from becoming the dumping grounds for the nuclear wastes of the world. Dr. Glenzer, who is the Republican candidate for the 159th District Assembly seat, said there is a real danger of this coming to pass.

Fifty years ago — 1968

Chautauqua County voters dealt a stinging defeat to a proposed new county charter in a special election. The 27 townships posted a 2,447 to 9,484 vote against it and the two cities were less vehement with an 1891 to 3648 tally opposed. For passage, the charter would have needed a majority of the township votes and a majority of city votes. A major factor in the defeat was felt by observers to be the completely unrelated county sales tax which became effective Sept. 1. Hundreds of voters appeared to have voted “No” on the charter simply to express their displeasure with the tax.