Some caution on NRG news

Dunkirk has reason to be a bit conflicted over the recent news that NRG will be moving ahead with the repowering of its city facility. In 2013, it appeared to be a slam dunk — after state Gov. Andrew Cuomo came here to make the announcement. Almost three years later, we’re not so certain.

What we do know, however, is state Sen. Catharine Young has our back. Right before Thanksgiving, she issued a news release stating the repowering was back on due to the end of a lawsuit and the sale of a power plant in Oswego. Even NRG spokesman Dave Gaier echoed her comments.

“Once the lawsuit is permanently dismissed, NRG is prepared to move forward with the project assuming all other stakeholders continue to meet their previous commitments to the project. Some of these stakeholders include the New York Public Service Commission, National Grid, National Fuel Gas and (Empire State Development),” he said.

One of the biggest question marks deals with the grid. Over the summer — another hot one — there were few, if any, outages or brownouts due to a lack of power. It obviously leads to the question of do we need NRG back on the grid?

Speaking for the community, we would love to have the NRG plant back and online. It is an excellent partner and major cog in the city, school and county budgets due to its tax impact.

We cannot help but wonder about its status and how much it is needed as part of the grid. Public Service Commission, Dunkirk and northern Chautauqua County needs your continued support.