GOWANDA Holiday comes with setbacks

Four reported heroin overdoses in 11 days would be significant for a small county. Consider the horror, however, that all of these happened in the 2,600-resident village of Gowanda.

On Tuesday, we learned horrific news about one of our communities and the crisis its police department dealt with during the holidays. It is an unfortunate story of incidents that took place on Dec 21, two on Dec. 23 and one more on Dec. 31.

“I do know one of those individuals that overdosed,” Gowanda Officer-in-Charge Steve Raiport said. “He did go back into rehab. He just left the other day. I have a program in place and they do know there are options available.”

Raiport deserves credit for his efforts in fighting the crisis in Gowanda. Thanks to the efforts of his department — and those who found the victims — four residents get a second chance at life.

That is a precious thing.