High taxes from locals

It bears repeating.

During his second State of the State address Monday at the State University at Buffalo, Gov. Andrew Cuomo noted that some of the highest property taxes in the nation are right here. In a graphic during the speech, Chautauqua County was spotlighted as being eighth highest tax burden in the nation.

Rightly so, the governor noted, it is a local government problem. Not a state problem.

Remember, the state taxes your income. Local municipalities and school districts tax your property. If it was not for the state imposed tax cap, who knows how much the increase would have been in the last six years?

Fortunately, some are seeing that we have too much local government. Forestville dissolved. Sherman came close.

Schools, such as Panama and Clymer, are looking at merging.

With Cuomo, it’s all about efficiency. Local leaders need to heed that call.