NEW YORK: Power struggle may loom

State Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been pretty good to Western New York and Chautauqua County during his six years in office.

Last February, Cuomo came to Dunkirk to announce a major development with Athenex and the potential of 900 jobs here. In 2013, he arrived to a large, appreciative crowd in the Clarion waiting to hear the governor proclaim the NRG plant would be repowered from coal to natural gas.

Both remain good intentions, but as of today, there have been very few results.

Still, whatever actions Cuomo has taken for the region, it is a lot more than numerous previous governors. Today, he is in Buffalo for one of his regional State of the State addresses.

Already our governor last week announced plans for free tuition to State University and City University schools. Though is sounds good, the details remain sketchy. In addition, a major issue will be state aid for schools.

Some questions will be answered, others are likely to come.

Cuomo’s regional announcements are due to a perceived rift between him and the State Legislature. It comes down to a power struggle.

If Albany is hit with another political rift, it could get ugly throughout the state. Everyone remembers the late budgets and lack of collaboration.

Familiarity, even with some success, breeds contempt. That may be where New York is today.