DUNKIRK: We all want to ‘pay less’

We understand where Dunkirk Councilman Don Williams is coming from: the city has a lot to lose in a supplemental county payment in lieu of taxes agreement with NRG Energy Inc. Williams, in comments last week, noted the company wants to “pay less.”

Well, who doesn’t nowadays?

NRG, as we noted in this newspaper last year when it was forced to be mothballed, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in PILOT money in this decade alone. Until the Entergy lawsuit in 2015 that slowed the repowering conversion process, the company had always paid the city, its school and the county what it was owed.

Dynamics, however, of the electricity business have changed. Being on the grid is about who is selling power at the best rate.

City government wants to pay the best rate for electric power. So do city customers.

Everything comes with a cost. And, most people — and businesses — want to do it in the least expensive way possible.