Government: Less is more

In November, there will be 182 elected seats up this fall. That’s not all the seats, by the way. Our founding county fathers apparently loved democracy, because we have over 500 county elected officials spread out over 17 towns, two cities, 13 villages and 18 school districts.

When Chautauqua County was founded more than 200 years ago, you couldn’t communicate that easily. Taking a horse and buggy from Dunkirk to Fredonia was no easy task, let alone traveling to Jamestown. It made sense that there were so many elected officials.

But things change. We have instant communication with telephones, cell phones and e-mail. Going from one community to another is done in minutes, not hours.

And less government doesn’t mean a lack of a community. That’s why we respect what Cherry Creek is doing, dissolving the village into the town.

Supervisor William Young noted the town board is ready for the task. “The village isn’t going away,” he said. “The village will still be there, it’s just that level of government is gone.”

We couldn’t agree more.