Heated times, dumb statements

We can all agree the political arena just keeps getting uglier in Washington. Last week’s failed repeal of the Affordable Care Act only adds to the divisive atmosphere.

One of the strangest quotes of the weekend from the fallout, however, comes from Michael McAdams from U.S. Rep. Chris Collins’ camp. In The Buffalo News on Saturday, McAdams fired off on the state governor.

“The governor and his sidekick have been unmasked,” he said in The News on Saturday. “They could care less about letting the hardworking families of Western New York keep more of their hard-earned money. Now, Western New Yorkers know where (Gov. Andrew) Cuomo and (Lt. Gov. Kathy) Hochul stand on the issues important to them, and they won’t forget any time soon.”

It may be one of the most ridiculous statements from a Western New Yorker. Collins, former Erie County executive, did some good things while holding that office. But a spokesman from his office calling out Cuomo, who has made the revitalization of Buffalo and this region a priority for his administration?

There is absolutely no sense to McAdams’ remarks.