NRG PILOT: More time needed after public hearing

On Friday, Feb. 24, a public hearing was held at the SUNY Fredonia Incubator regarding NRG’s Payment in Lieu of Tax agreement until the plant is upgraded. During the hearing, a representative read from a document, but did not say how much the interim payments would be. A note at the bottom of the document he read from stated, “copies of the Supplemental Application are available for review by the public at the offices of the (CCIDA) at 201 West Third Street, Suite 115, Jamestown, New York 14701.” When the OBSERVER called the IDA that afternoon, we were told the supplemental documents were not yet available. They were made available on Monday, Feb. 27. On Feb. 28, less than two business days after the public hearing and only one business day after the supplemental documents were made available, the IDA approved the PILOT changes.

That was too quick. First of all, the details of the supplemental documents should have been shared at the Friday public hearing. Secondly, there should have been more time — at least a week if not a month — between the public hearing and the PILOT’s adoption.

Anything less cheapens the purpose of a public hearing.