Numbers still show exodus

There’s barely been a whisper — even from this newspaper until now — on some unsettling news from the U.S. Census Bureau regarding Chautauqua County. According to the most recent figures, population is down again.

This time, it falls under the 130,000 mark. The most recent number is 129,504 — a decrease of 5,401 people from 2010 to 2016.

Obviously alarming, it shows that having one of the highest taxed regions of our state has taken a toll on still far too many who are choosing to move away rather than to stay here.

On Saturday, our newspaper published Vision 2017, an upbeat look at what’s happening — the good things — in our region and in our business community. There is definitely reason to believe we are starting to move in the right direction. There’s investment by a number of private-sector employers and the potential Athenex project for the north county with 900 jobs is optimism enough.

But we need to make sure to stay on a path for growth. Our problems in 2010 are not much different than they are today. The reassuring news, however, is most of the local and county leaders think regionally.

That’s where the future success will really take place — and draw people back.