Open to taking your money

Attention, anyone who works in New York state — starting July 1, you’ll be bringing home a little less in your paycheck.

Just don’t ask how much money you’re losing when payroll deductions begin for paid family leave. The state doesn’t seem to know that yet because the maximum rate of an employee’s contribution hasn’t been set. While the state has said all along that paid family leave will cost employees a “nominal” deduction from their paycheck, there are many who would like to know how much of their paychecks they will lose each month to pay for a program they will never use. After all, some jobs simply can’t be without someone for eight or 12 weeks — meaning there are employees for whom paid family leave is just another program created for someone else to use. In the case of paid family leave, that someone else also includes undocumented workers and those who are not U.S. citizens.

It is interesting, too, that the regulations approved by the state recently include an item that escaped discussion during passage of paid family leave last year in the state legislature. Private businesses are required to participate while public employers have an option to participate.

Nothing says a state is open for business like exempting the public sector from regulations being imposed on the private sector. And nothing says the state is trying to help employees like taking their money without telling them how much they’re taking. We wonder if these details will be in the advertisements we’re sure the state will spend millions producing promoting New York as open for business?