Three not always a crowd

Sharing a school superintendent is not a foreign idea to other districts outside of northern Chautauqua County. Close to home, Bert Lictus oversees both the Clymer and Panama school districts. The sharing is one of the reasons the two are considering a merger.

Closer to downstate, however, there is a trifecta. According to the state school boards association publication On Board, John Evans is a shared superintendent at three districts: Downsville, Livingston Manor and Roscoe in Sullivan and Delaware counties. Obviously, with one leader overseeing three districts the message delivered to students and community members is one and the same.

It helps in bringing past sports rivals together and neighboring communities. “As budgets get tighter and enrollments continue to decline, it becomes more challenging to offer the wide variety of programs we currently have available,” Evans told On Board. “By working together, we hope to continue to offer those things.”

Sharing a superintendent brings that progress. Without that shared concept, it is not one voice leading decisions. It’s two — and usually, it becomes a competition.

That’s never in the best interest of the community.