government: Be careful with our parks

We Americans do not have Crown Jewels such as those displayed in England and a few other countries. We have something much more valuable and much more beautiful: our national parks.

No other nation has such a park system. Ours is so envied that it sometimes is described as “America’s jewels.”

President Donald Trump clearly understands the parks’ importance. This week, he kept a promise to donate his salary back to the government. He donated his first three months’ pay, $78,333.32 — and chose the National Park Service as the recipient.

But Trump’s proposed federal budget includes a 12 percent cut in funding for the park service.

Some national parks already suffer from important maintenance work postponed due to lack of funding. A 12 percent cut could result in permanent damage to some priceless places.

It would not hurt for the park service to be subjected to some sort of efficiency study to ensure taxpayers’ money is being spent efficiently. The same can be said for any government agency.

Clearly, with a national debt approaching $20 trillion, we have to cut government spending. But care needs to be taken to ensure our wonderful national parks can be passed down to our children as the jewels they are.