HOSPITAL: A way to cure past mistakes

Recent news that Brooks Memorial Hospital had another deficit of $3.5 million in 2015 is not surprising.

At that time, it seemed as if the hospital was running itself into the ground. Much of that had to do with previous leadership.

But with Brooks working as an affiliate with Kaleida Health, there seems to be a lot less drama at the facility than there was during the years with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. On the outside, however, there remains great concern over where the new Brooks facility will be located and what the future of the current site will be.

One of our greatest frustrations with the hospital in years past has been its lack of communication with the community. With a new site close to being chosen, a community meeting — similar to the one held with local leaders last September — could be a way for the institution to reconnect.

The last community meeting by Brooks was in 2008. We’re still long overdue.