We celebrate new beginning

Even during the coldest and snowiest winters, we in Western New York can look forward to a pleasant spring and summer. We didn’t have a particularly bad winter this year, but it certainly has been nice to have warmer weather recently – grass began turning from brown to green and a few flowers appeared.

So it is with Christians and Easter. Because of what happened two millennia ago, those of the Christian faith have the reassurance that no matter what we may have to endure in life, a wonderful spring awaits us.

Today we celebrate the fulfillment of a promise made by the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He spent His lifetime on earth preaching a message of compassion, forgiveness and faith.

Then came the dark days of his arrest, trial and crucifixion. To unbelievers – and even, yes, to some of those close to Him – it may have seemed as if the events of those few days were an end to it all.

But He arose. Humankind was promised a new beginning, a sort of spring of the soul.

Appropriately during the early spring each year, we celebrate and revel in that knowledge on Easter Sunday.

Christians know that no matter what happens to them, no matter how dark and cold life can seem, something warm, bright and assured awaits.

Happy Easter.