HIGHS AND LOWS: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week:


FARM FEST FUTURE — A month ago, there were pleas that volunteers were desperately needed for the Fredonia Farm Festival. In fact, if no volunteers stepped up, there was no guarantee the festival would continue. But in true Fredonia spirit, a number of individuals raised their hands and offered their assistance to put on this massive event. Things like the Fredonia Farm Festival take a lot of energy and organization. We understand the need for current volunteers needing to take a break and we’re glad to see others step up in their place.

FROM MUSIC TO TV — Congratulations goes out to Fredonia native Ruthie Collins. The country music singer is branching into television. She and fellow musician Danny Young serve as co-host of A&E’s block “Home.Made.” Saturdays from 9 a.m to noon. If you’re unfamiliar with the segment, A&E plays its regularly scheduled TV shows, and Collins and Young appear during commercial segments, giving short tips on home improvement and do-it-yourself crafts. They’ve already filmed seven projects and have been asked to film another round as well! We’ve known Collins’ musical talent for a long time. Watching the segments, we get to see her creative project skills as well. And for those wondering, Collins is continuing with her music, with plans on releasing new music this summer. This is one busy and talented person!

SUNY GRADUATION — Congratulations to Fredonia State’s Class of 2017. We hope you look back on your time at Fredonia and Chautauqua County fondly. We have some new industries moving to the area and would love to see some of you make our area your home. We need more college graduates staying in the area. Local officials are working hard to bring more opportunity for career-minded individuals and for those who are entrepreneurial-minded, perhaps starting up a business is a possibility! Wherever your path takes you, we wish you the best.


ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL — A tractor-trailer flipped on Route 60 Thursday in Gerry around 5:45 a.m. The trucker was trying to avoid a collision with a Chevy vehicle after the driver of the Chevy apparently fell asleep at the wheel. The truck driver broke his leg in the crash. He wouldn’t have had to flip his vehicle had the other driver stayed alert. Falling asleep at the wheel is in some ways as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don’t get behind a wheel if you’re drunk or drowsy. Too many lives are at stake.