Silver Creek: Forward thinking by a mayor

After years of porous village leadership, particularly at the mayoral position, a Silver Creek trustee stepped forward in 2013.

A the time, village finances were a mess. Flooding had created a number of crises. And, tempers normally flared at village hall meetings.

Current two-term Mayor Nick Piccolo played an important role in healing and repairing a number of rifts. It has not been easy.

Anyone who wants to be in municipal government — and has been watching on the sidelines — is in for a real shock. You have little control unless you sacrifice.

Piccolo did that. When village finances were out of control, he and his board members understood they could no longer afford to maintain a village police force. It was eliminated.

He also understood the problems in the Department of Public Works facility. Once leadership changed, the village reeled in the help of Hanover Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo.

Through working with the town, eliminating a police force and contracting with the county, the village has improved its standing. It’s not the way it was 50 years ago, but it will never be like that again.

We need to look ahead. Piccolo, who announced he will not seek a third term, helped steer the village in a positive direction.

A next step could be to maintain close ties with the town or dissolution. Piccolo supported a number of these initiatives. Whoever takes the top spot next cannot be blind to the pain of continuing business as usual.