TOWN HALLS Accountability in showing up

It was another full house — in Dunkirk and Busti — for Tom Reed in hosting his town hall meetings earlier this month. That is a good sign for democracy and one that shows many here are taking an active interest in what’s happening in Washington.

To be certain, nothing is perfect in politics. Views will always differ. They did when we had Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in office. But it seems then that voter bitterness was never as evident as it is today.

Reed is in the middle of a firestorm. He has won this Congressional district for a third time. Through it all, however, he has faced enormous criticism here and throughout the Southern Tier.

He handles it — and, most importantly, he shows up. Reed does believe it is one of his main responsibilities to all his constituents.

And Democrats, we must note again, that is far better than what our former Rep. Brian Higgins ever did for us and it is better than what Republican Chris Collins is doing now by not holding any meetings in Erie County.

Like it or not, Reed — through holding these meetings — is accountable. That’s a better record than some others in Congress.