Zoning Board approval was correct

Recently the Dunkirk Zoning Board of Appeals approved Todd Ellman to construct a three-bay car wash at the corner of Doughty and Bucknor streets. That area is not zoned for commercial use.

Zoning boards need to be careful when voting on businesses in non-commercial districts. But this one seemed to make sense.

Ellman has owned the property for 25 years. It used to be a junk yard, but he has cleaned it up. The property has mainly been used for parking and police impounds. This isn’t some forest that is being ripped out. It’s just property waiting to be developed.

One neighbor did speak out against it, saying he was concerned about traffic as well as trash being thrown in his yard.

But this project is being put together by a contractor who specializes in car wash developments. The business will have at least one employee on site when it’s open and it will be in use during daylight hours. Fences will be installed as well.

Small businesses are the backbone of our nation and our local community. A car wash is better than a junk yard or a vacant lot for impounded vehicles.