BROCTON-PORTLAND ‘Consharidation’ making strides

It is getting to the point of urgency for the village of Brocton and the town of Portland governments when it comes to working together.

At meetings in June, leaders from both communities who attend the Town Board and Village Board meetings, talked about what many municipalities did not two or three years ago: the lack of participation in government from fellow residents, especially the younger ones. Because of this, there has to be more sharing of services done by the two entities.

Fortunately, these governments who have leaders who are open to the possibilities. Portland Town Supervisor Dan Schrantz has done an excellent job in overseeing the discussions on the north county water district and Brocton Mayor Richard Frost has been just as open to the possibilities of what he calls “consharidation.”

Call it what you want, as long as you get governments to the table for more efficiencies and better service to their taxpayers.

“We talk about shared services at alternating meetings and there are many opportunities out there,” Schrantz said. “But many more ideas can be looked at right now, especially since the governor is giving out a lot of grants to investigate these ideas.”

For now, Brocton and Portland seem to be working well as one, even though the village and town continue to hold separate meetings. Maybe the next step will be holding the government meetings on the same day, in the same building and at the same time.

That would be real “consharidation.”