Coaching change brings noise

It is not often the Fredonia School Board hears protests from parents and students. But last week’s meeting did bring plenty of concerns and questions from those who attended.

On June 27, the school board quietly approved a number of coaching appointments for the athletic teams. Missing from the list was Carol Zirkle, who coached the cross country team last year.

Current and past team members spoke in her favor — as did some parents. “I feel that part of the coaching is you need to be involved in the (lives of the) students and you need a coach that is in the school to do that effectively because they understand the students and they know the students much better than a coach that’s outside of the school,” said student Diego Rey. “I don’t think this program will have a fraction of the success that it has the possibility to have without Coach Zirkle.”

Personnel issues in governments and schools, however, rarely become public. In this case, the board is facing controversy over its decision.

It is doubtful changes will be made, but there is a much greater community awareness about the issue since some have chosen to speak out.