GOVERNMENT Job openings tough to fill

Here is one more reason to consolidate our local governments: no one really wants to be at the table. Last week, Fredonia officials lamented the fact that since former Trustee Marc Ruckman resigned, there has been no one who has stepped forward for the position.

“I don’t have anybody to put there,” Mayor Athanasia Landis remarked on Monday. “Nobody came to ask to be put in the position. People that I approached, people that other trustees approached, they don’t seem to have an interest, they don’t want to put themselves out there, and some have very legitimate reasons. At the end of the day, I am very disappointed because pretty much nobody stepped up, so I’m still looking. Hopefully, we need to find somebody.”

Call it a sign of the times. In an era when small governments are faced with a tax cap, and residents are leaving instead of moving in, there is little you can do to turn around failing municipalities.

Fredonia, however, is not alone. Last week, we highlighted the work of the village of Brocton and the town of Portland in joining forces to do more together. Some of that is the result of residents not wanting to run for elected office.

Just consider Brocton’s Mayor Richard Frost. No one ran for the position. He was elected as a write-in candidate with only 20 votes.

Frost, fortunately, is open minded and has done a good job. But 20 votes for a position of mayor? That is no ringing endorsement.