More notice on burglaries

Area police agencies and emergency responders provide an excellent service for the region. When it comes to response times, we have plenty of faith in them.

Where they need to improve, especially area police units, is sharing information about burglaries with homeowners — before they make the arrest. It is one of the most important services they can provide to residents.

On Thursday, the OBSERVER alerted readers — thanks to a burglary victim — to some unfortunate incidents in Forestville. “The three main break-ins have occurred on the street I live on,” the resident said. “One happened on Wednesday, one happened on Saturday and my house and my neighbor’s house was on Sunday.”

Many police agencies have a slogan of “to protect and serve.” We believe in their efforts and appreciate the fact they can be called seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our staff checks the arrest logs in both the Dunkirk and Fredonia departments weekly. We are not, allowed to view the cases being investigated. That’s understandable, but that is where burglary reports get placed.

Local residents deserve, however, to know that information so that if it is in their neighborhood, they can make sure doors are locked — in homes and cars.

Most would appreciate the heads up — so they are not the next victim.