More ripples of support

Lake Erie is a precious asset — for tourism as well as drinking water. On Monday, about 100 people were in Wright Park for All Hands on Deck to show their support for the lake and voice their opposition over the proposed reduction in funding to preserve a natural resource.

It was a showing that was bipartisan and brought out all ages.

“Ten percent of the U.S. population gets their water from (the Great Lakes), as well as 30 percent of the Canadian population. There are 30 million people around the lakes,” said Marcia Westling Johnson, one of the key organizers of the happening.“… It needs to be protected from runoff, plastics, invasive species — the zebra mussels are a problem, and now Asian carp are penetrating the lakes, algae, different things that are harming the lakes.”

It was not that long ago — in the late 1960s and early ’70s — when the lake was downright toxic in some places. Environmental awareness and investment by the federal government into the waterways have made Lake Erie healthier for land and aquatic residents.

With so much progress made in recent decades, our region cannot afford to take any steps back.