Fredonia wins on Main Street

Fredonia village officials and residents are to be commended. Part of the newly paved Main Street includes a bike lane, which is part of a Complete Streets initiative that has been in the works for at least five years.

Without village support, it would not have happened.

Motorists are often frustrated by the lanes, but they accomplish a goal that is needed for the downtown area. It slows traffic.

“When I wrote to the DOT and complained that I didn’t see any (bike lanes) originally, they told me that the mayor asked for them, but it was after they had been given notice that this was happening,” said Fredonia resident Mary Croxton, who favors the initiative. “My argument was that New York state had signed on to the policy of Complete Streets, so when you make a change in a road or anything, you have to take all people into consideration — and it should’ve been an automatic thing, to bring the bike lanes.”

Anyone who has crossed Main Street in the village — even at the crosswalks — knows how hazardous it can be. The new Main Street, completed by the state and its contractors, is more biker and pedestrian friendly.

It will likely face some criticism, just as the Route 60 reconstruction from the city of Dunkirk line to Vineyard Drive did. Two years ago, the state decided to reduce the number of lanes from four to two. Not only has the lane reduction slowed traffic, it also has decreased the number of accidents, especially at the Williams Street intersection.

So, even though you cannot speed as easy, fewer road mishaps do save time — and money.