ROUTE 60: Smoother ride on the way

If you want to make a small in the mindset of the Chautauqua County north-south divide, you have to consider a safer and upgraded Route 60. On Friday, most of those things happened.

At a press conference in Jamestown, state Sen. Catharine Young announced $5 million in funding for Route 60 improvements, which include the widening of lanes at strategic locations between Gerry and Cassadaga. “The Route 60 corridor is a major thoroughfare and Chautauqua County’s primary north – south connector, averaging 6,700 vehicles per day. Yet, with only a single lane in either direction and speed limits that range up to 55 mph, the road has become the most dangerous in the county, with a high rate of accidents and fatalities,” Young said.

No one would disagree.

On a day with little traffic, the trip to Jamestown from Dunkirk can take right around 30 minutes. If vehicles, however, are not moving at the proper rate of speed that trip becomes longer.

“Traffic data from the (state Department of Transportation) indicates that 30 percent of the traffic, on average, is traveling below the speed limit,” state Assemblyman Andrew Goodell said. “Upgrading the highway by providing more passing lanes and other enhancements will increase safety, improve traffic flow and reduce frustration.”

Residents appreciate convenience. These proposed upgrades will keep things moving.