BRIGHAM ROAD: It is time for truck ban

It is a sight many in Dunkirk have witnessed far too often. A tractor-trailer, while traveling on Brigham Road, gets stuck and damaged after attempting to go under the CSX crossings between Second and Fourth streets.

The most recent incident, on Nov. 17, did more damage to the truck than the bridge. But that bridge is taking a beating.

Even though signs are posted regarding the height to the bridge, sometimes the drivers miss it — or think they have enough room.

It may be time for tractor-trailer traffic to be banned from Brigham Road in the city, especially in the area of the viaduct. Some businesses, including UPS, Remtronics and U.S. Specialty Steel, could be inconvenienced by this but the trailers have other means of getting to those businesses from secondary streets.

That ban is not about inconveniencing trucks or the businesses, it’s about making the road — and that neighborhood — a bit safer.