DUNKIRK: Budget moves to back burner

Maybe it has been due to the elections or the recent $2.5 million in Smart Growth funding from New York state to assist the city in building its lakefront. But one thing is certain: Dunkirk council members have done very little when it comes to the examination of the budget.

And, if there has been any talk on the budget, it has not been in open session.

For the most part, we’re OK with what is being proposed. Dunkirk, as an upstate city, has seen no growth in business or population in the last decade. With that, Mayor Wilfred Rosas announced his plan on Oct. 13 and is holding the tax, water and sewer rate. It’s an accomplishment.

From here, it’s up to council whether they will make any changes. Is no news good news? Maybe. But remember, this council did not react on the move of Brooks Hospital until after it was announced.

Do they know there is a proposal that needs to be passed soon?