highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best — and worst — of the week:


VETERAN ACTIVITIES — A number of schools and organizations have held events this past week in honor of Veterans Day, which is today. It’s important to remember our veterans and the sacrifices they have gone through. It’s also important for today’s children to understand the meaning of Veterans Day, that it’s more than just a “day off from school.” Thank you to those teachers who were able to take time in their schedules to honor our veterans. It means a lot.

FAST ON THEIR FEET — Good luck to Jaylah Cossin of Silver Creek, Emily Brown, Josh Johnson and Diego Rey of Fredonia, and Lyle Warrior of Gowanda. The five are competing today at the state cross country championship meet at Wayne High School in Ontario Center. They all have worked hard all season. We wish them the best.

DAYS OF SERVICE — Thanks to SUNY Fredonia students, there’s a little less trash, leaves and debris laying around the community. Last weekend the college hosted its 13th annual Fall Sweep, where students rake leaves and help prepare lawns in the village for winter. More than 700 students were scheduled to participate. It’s a wonderful gesture and the community appreciates it.


ENCOURAGING VOTING — We disagree with Democratic Election Commissioner Norman P. Green’s comments following the election that it’s not the job of the Board of Elections to encourage voters to hit the polls. On the New York State Board of Elections website it states, “In addition to the regulatory and enforcement responsibilities the board is charged with the preservation of citizen confidence in the democratic process and enhancement in voter participation in elections.” Green is correct in that election commissioners should not encourage one specific political party to vote, but rather participation in general. If there are ways to get more people to the polls these ideas should continue to be explored. A democracy is only healthy when its citizens participate. We were glad to see more people show up to the polls Tuesday than was predicted. But in the end only 38 percent in Chautauqua County participated. There’s still room for improvement.