More turnovers in the area

Once again, high school football will take on a different look in the area. As noted in our Friday edition, it appears that Westfield will be teaming with Chautauqua Lake to field a team.

“In terms of the parent meeting, it was pretty unanimous that parents thought Chautauqua Lake would give our kids the opportunities we’re looking for,” Westfield school board member Brenda Backus said. “There wasn’t a lot of dissension in the group.”

That’s not a bad idea, since the schools are relatively close to one another. But that means two other districts will have a decision on how to move forward. Brocton’s participation may not be an issue since football numbers at that school have declined, so it leaves Fredonia with a decision to make.

In past years, some Fredonia board members have wondered out loud if football is still viable due to the number of head and other injuries as well as a decreasing number of participants.

We know the FWB effort brought students from other districts together and brought lasting friendships. But, with Westfield out of the mix, something was just not the right fit.