No consensus for director

Adding a human resources director in Dunkirk does not sit well with many who follow the happenings of the city government. The position comes at a high cost, potentially close to $85,000 in total compensation.

Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas believes the human resource director is needed for the more than 160 employees. Council, in a divided 3-2 vote, agreed on the eve of Election Day.

That may have contributed to some of the voting backlash, which had one incumbent defeated and another winning office unconvincingly against a candidate who backed out due to illness.

It is too bad Dunkirk and another entity — or entities — could not come together on sharing this position. As much sense as it may make in terms of dealing with employees and job functions, it’s a lot for the city — also facing financial uncertainties in the future — to take on at this time.