VETERANS DAY: Give thanks and remember

On Saturday, our community celebrates and offers gratitude toward our veterans. They served our country in the military, overseas and at war.

If you never were in battle, it’s tough to imagine the emotional aftermath of a U.S. serviceman or woman. Many current veterans, especially those who served in Vietnam, were not treated as heroes when they returned home. In fact, many were told to not wear their military uniforms once they got back to the homeland.

America was divided and upset about our Vietnam involvement. But those who served did so for our country — the greatest in the world.

In the book, “No One Forgets” by George H. Burns III, Richard Titus and contributing writers, 39 Chautauqua County men who died from battle in Vietnam are documented. All were heroes.

Six from Dunkirk, who left to serve, never returned. Those men include: Curtis Eugene Crawford, William Fellinger, Dahl J. LaPorte, Harry Kaus Jr., Vincent James Rossotto and Robert Samuelson.

When thanking all those who served on Saturday, don’t forget to say a prayer for those who gave their lives for our country and freedom.