CLYMER: A fantasy of ‘success’

A south county school district that thinks it can took one more step backward. After the resignation of Bert Lictus, current Panama schools superintendent, Clymer hired interim Superintendent Ed Bailey.

The move comes after a bitter failed merger vote and Lictus’ stepping down as a shared superintendent between both relatively tiny districts.

Now, here’s the kicker. Listen to what the new appointee says about going to a school with an enrollment of 449 total students from kindergarten to grade 12: “I’m excited about the opportunity,” Bailey told The Post-Journal. “I’m excited about continuing to give our kids the opportunities and driving toward academic success.”

Talk about wishful thinking. No district, serving a minimal number of students, will bring academic excellence. Teachers in Ripley may be in a disagreement with its Board of Education on a number of issues, but one thing is certain: Ripley’s seventh to 12th-grade students are getting a better education in a tuitioning deal with Chautauqua Lake thanks to more offerings, programs, extracurricular activities and sports.

Clymer, however, did not want to team with Panama. That’s an unfortunate adult voter decision, especially for the students in Clymer where educational opportunities and programs will continue to be limited at best.

That, for the time being, is no “success.”