Congress: Finding some common ground

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed is seen by some in this region as being divisive, even when he consistently shows up at his town hall meetings to some very unhappy Democrats. But in a recent interview with one of our reporters, there are certain things he is doing that are bringing two sides together.

First and foremost is the Problem Solvers Caucus, which attempts to break the gridlock of Washington. He also is aligned many times with U.S. President Donald Trump.

While backing many of his efforts, Reed is not always fond of how the president handles some of his messages. “I don’t think anybody is above constructive criticism,” Reed said. “The style at times is something I would not be the most appreciative of.”

Reed, of course, is again a target for Democrats. But overall, he does make a concerted regular effort to get to our area in his oversized district. That’s a positive no matter what party he represents.