county: On the job at businesses

Before he took office, Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello made a pledge to visit 100 businesses in 100 days. Through early this week, he seems off to a great start.

According to his Monday Morning Memo, which is distributed through e-mail, Borrello has visited 25 businesses including major manufacturers, non-profits and small businesses. “I am truly amazed and impressed by what is produced in our county!” Borrello wrote this week. “Everything from Cummins diesel engines that are shipped as far away as Australia to ultra-high-end door and cabinet fixtures used in million-dollar homes. Chautauqua County has hundreds of great companies that are making some amazing things! But, as virtually all of the businesses I have visited have said, the greatest asset they have is their people. This is why workforce readiness and development are such important issues.”

Besides issues in the work force, Borrello has another goal on these visits: it develops important relationships. That is what has usually been missing from some of our leadership in the past when businesses closed or left. Oftentimes, elected officials had no idea it was happening.

Borrello’s efforts continue to be a work in progress, but early indications are proving to promote a positive environment for some major partners.