FREDONIA: Village off to smart start

Recent actions and discussions have shined a bright spot on Fredonia leadership since the start of the new year. Mayor Athanasia Landis seems committed to more regional efforts, which will benefit the village and its residents.

Fredonia has often been criticized in this corner for its tunnel vision and lack of cooperation. However, some happenings this month are deserving of praise.

At the first village board meeting of the year, Landis said the municipality will be involved with the Chadwick Bay Development Corp. “If we talk about regionalism, and my vision is for the whole region and this area, we need to be part of that,” she said. “If we cannot find the money, I’m willing to take it out of my budget line because I think it’s important. We have to work on many different levels and with many different people to do something.”

Adding to that commitment, Landis and village Trustee Doug Essek were in attendance for the State of the City address by Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas. If anything, that is a commitment to working together for the better of two major players in the county economy.