Hanover: Making push for tourism

New town board member Edward Schintzius has the right idea regarding getting the word out to tourists on Hanover. But the key is getting many of those travelers off Interstate 90 at Exit 58.

Schintzius made those remarks during a recent Town Board meeting. Much of what he stated is correct. The town has history, it’s located on Lake Erie and has some of the best fishing in the country.

“I want the people to know that I’m looking for ideas from the community,” he said. “I told people I ran to serve and I want to get ideas from them to better the community.”

Hanover has also indicated an interest in being a part of the Chadwick Bay Development Corp. with a number of other north county municipalities. The group helped in making the water district happen, now maybe the next step is doing more of a push on tourism.

Everyone, including those who visit, benefit from that initiative.