WESTFIELD: A questionable state reward

Last week, the Westfield Police Department received a state grant of $7,541 to either purchase recording equipment to conduct video interrogations or replace existing systems that are either faltering or in need of upgrade. Is that really good use of taxpayer dollars?

New York state, through Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s leadership, has been taking aim at high property taxes. One thing the village of Silver Creek did as its budget tightened was eliminate its village police force. It now gets patrolling through the county Sheriff’s Office.

It’s worked out well — and we know there are crimes in Silver Creek.

Westfield’s department, which won a state grant, has not issued a press release regarding an arrest in more than one month.

Law enforcement is appreciated and respected by area residents. But a force that serves a village of 3,200 residents is not efficient — and apparently not used often if there are no arrests.

This grant is similar to school building projects at smaller districts. How can consolidations happen when investments — or what many consider free money — continue to be handed out?