Eagles: A spectacle in our skies

On Page 1 Wednesday, an excellent photo by Brian Hobbs is something many around the lake have come to expect in the winter months: a view of a bald eagle. Hobbs’ photo was taken behind Bart’s Cove and gave readers a glimpse of the proud bird.

This time of year, Point Gratiot is one of the places noted statewide as one of the best places to view the eagles. The Department of Environmental Conservation also offers these tips on proper behavior while tracking the birds:

¯ Remain in or immediately next to your vehicle, and don’t approach eagles closer than a quarter mile.

¯ Avoid roosting areas.

¯ Refrain from loud noises, such as honking horns, door slamming, radios playing, yelling, etc.

¯ Keep pets at home.

¯ Use binoculars or spotting scopes instead of trying to get a little closer.

¯ Don’t do anything to try to make the bird fly.

¯ Respect private property and avoid restricted areas.

The DEC also notes the time to view the eagles is running out. They will be returning to their nests by the middle of next month.