Naysayers send wrong message

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello is keeping his word as he continues to meet with key leaders of businesses that have a presence here. As we noted last month in this corner, relationships are everything — and why not reach out to those who are the engines of our economy?

While upbeat regarding those visits, he recently reiterated to the Local Economic Development group of the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation what our greatest challenge remains: our self-esteem. Right before the 2017 vote, Borrello had the same message when being interviewed by reporter Jimmy McCarthy.

“We need to improve our collective self-confidence,” he said in August. “That is the key to elevating Chautauqua County. We have the talents, we have the resources, both natural and man-made, to be prosperous and thrive. But there are some among us who want to inflict damage to serve their own self-interest or for partisan political gain. We need to stand up against those who try to drag us down. We will prosper in spite of them.”

It’s a strong and correct message — but Borrello cannot do it alone. More than 129,000 live in this county — by choice. Spread the word on the good things: the low cost of living; the proximity of Buffalo, Erie, Cleveland and Toronto; our great wineries and grape crops; the recreational waters; our wonderful winters and spectacular summers.

We all can use an attitude adjustment — and some confidence — in bringing others to the area we call home.

If we cannot believe in our assets, how can those from the outside?