SCHOOLS: There’s no room for confusion

Gun control and the Second Amendment are the hot topics since the school shooting in Florida earlier this month. Both sides are making their cases — and it’s an issue that deserves communication.

Locally, however, the concern with our schools and violence is real. A threat in Forestville was reported on Feb. 9, which created a lockout situation at the schools there. A week later, Chautauqua Lake and the Board of Cooperative Educational Services facility in Ashville had similar situations.

Even state Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued this statement on Feb. 16: “The state of New York has no tolerance for threats of violence in our school system. They will be handled immediately and aggressively. There are serious legal consequences for any person posing a threat whether or not they intend to actually execute upon that threat. A student should know there is nothing humorous about these situations and the consequences are most severe.”

We appreciate the tough stand, but it needs to go one step further. With both the Forestville and Chautauqua Lake cases, there was confusion in the message sent to parents. In Forestville it was more of a timing issue and at the Mayville school, some believed it was a drill when it was not.

In this day, especially with our access to communication, the message from administrators to parents for whatever the situation needs to be clear to parents and the community. This is something local school boards and its leadership need to work on.

The sooner, the better.