Dunkirk: Keep proposal moving forward

It is reassuring to see Dunkirk City Schools is moving ahead with a potential reconfiguration of its elementary buildings.

At a recent meeting, the district discussed getting comment from the community as well as those in the buildings of School 3, 4, 5 and 7. Last December, the plan detailed Schools 3 and 7 as the learning destinations for pre-kindergarten to first grade. Schools 4 and 5 under his proposal would house second- to fourth-graders while fifth-graders would move to the same floor with sixth-graders at the middle school.

Some in Dunkirk are uncomfortable with the move due to the break-up of the neighborhood schools. But, we as a community, need to understand that is a concept that is no longer needed in the 21st century.

Learning is the priority. The proposed change, as is usually the case, will have no impact on the children. They will handle it with ease. It’s the adults who do not like the change.