Trash talk is piling up

There is way too much effort being put forth regarding Cassadaga’s compost site. At recent Village Board meetings, members have approved the $6,000 purchase of a wood chipper and the possibility of erecting a fence.

But that does not mean the site’s biggest problem will go away. Some are using the area, which is meant for sticks, branches, grass and leaves, as a dump.

Consider what Sam Alaimo, village superintendent of Public Works, found recently: “We hauled 300-plus tri-axle dump-truck loads worth of material out of there to basically go and get repurposed to turn it into topsoil and clean all the debris out of it,” he told the board.

Items removed included tree trunks, concrete bird baths and roof shingles.

Some board members believe a flier educating residents on what is allowed at the area will fix the problem. That’s being way too generous.

Other sites, especially those in the city of Dunkirk and village of Fredonia, have learned that if you allow any type of compost dumping, someone will take advantage of the situation — and it will likely be from outside the area.

Cassadaga runs on a bare-bones staff — and work at the compost area needs to be minimal. If the mindless trashing continues at the site, then shutting it down is the only answer.