Feeling heat, paying for it

Rising temperatures are one thing, but the prices on the grid will make us all overheated.

Last week — as thermometers consistently topped 90 degrees, residents got the big picture of why NRG plants in Dunkirk and North Tonawanda were so vital to our region. They helped keep costs down.

On July 2 at 1 p.m., Western New York was charged double the rate even New York City was paying. At that time, costs for power were $168 per MWh when downstate was no more than $84. This was according to the New York Independent System Operator znoe maps.

We have enough power. But at what cost?

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Ted Skerpon warned this would happen if a heat wave occurred. “Part of the solution is to repower lost, local generation that reinforces New York energy independence and helps insolate from what seems to be much more frequent weather impacts on power demand,” he said earlier this spring.

With the humidity, it was tough being outside last week. Our next electric bills, however, may also require us to do some extra cooling down.