Fenner House: SUNY keeping public involved

Credit the State University of New York at Fredonia in offering two possible options regarding the historic Fenner House on Central Avenue.

Last week, the university announced it would either attempt to sell or demolish the property. The problem with selling is the estimated cost for repairs. It is expected to be $2.1 million.

In recent months, the Fredonia Preservation Society has called for the saving of the structure, which will no longer be utilized by the educational institution. “We also understand how some in the community would like to see the Fenner House remain,” said Virginia Horvath, SUNY Fredonia president. “So, in our efforts to consider all interests, we have asked the SUNY Construction Fund, which has oversight of all campus buildings, for guidance on both potential options of tearing the building down or selling it.”

Either option may not be the best news for everyone. But, at the very least, the university is keeping the community in mind in making a decision on the structure.