NRG: Permit lapse tells story

A day some never wanted to see — and others saw coming has happened. NRG Energy Inc. in Dunkirk is no longer powering our mammoth plant on the waterfront.

Of course, we in Western New York are always looking for someone who will be the fall guy for the failure of the company to convert the plant from coal to natural gas. It wasn’t current Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who gave his blessing on the effort more than four years ago. Can’t be state Sen. Catharine Young or Assemblyman Andrew Goodell, who worked with the company in recent years.

Definitely was not this community, which showed up 2,000 people strong at the State University of New York at Fredonia in favor of the repowering when the Public Service Commission was in town in 2013. How about local elected leaders? They just don’t have that clout.

So the buck stops with NRG. They let their permit expire with the New York Independent Supply Operators. They stopped whatever progress they had begun once they were named in a lawsuit in 2016.

NRG, which had been such a valued community member, quit caring once they let the plant go dormant. That has left our area with one huge lakefront albatross — and the highest electric bills in the state whenever the heat waves hit.

It is a bitter pill.