Weathering those winters

We remember how rough and long the 2017-18 winter was. Cold temperatures mixed with plenty of snow and lots of wind.

Hanover beach residents continue to see the remnants of the harsh season. Last week, OBSERVER reporter Mary Heyl noted large amounts of rocks and gravel had washed up on some properties. Due to the debris coming from the lake, the state Department of Environmental Conservation noted the piles need to remain.

That’s frustrating — for both the owner and lake access in general.

One of the things Western New York lacks is plenty of entry ways to Lake Erie. Along the coasts of the ocean, access is almost unlimited.

The greater issue here is how do we keep beaches open — and clean — after those rough waves have hit the waterfront. It is one of the reasons Sunset Bay has become a destination. The area is consistently maintained and a gem of Chautauqua County though it does come with a price. Beach-goers pay a fee to use the area.

Maybe that’s worth considering by the city and other entities with beaches. For the homeowner on the lake, however, the problem remains.

That’s some of the bad that comes with plenty of good for those right near the waters.