Board must talk district

North County Water District board members have every right to be skeptical about Fredonia’s new willingness to be a partner and supplier in the effort. For years, previous Fredonia boards have fought any link to the regional plans.

Board members, especially those in the district from the start, are almost put off by the village’s June request to be in the proposal. While they have every right to question the motives of the village, they do need to keep an open mind about the possibility.

Board member Dave Hazelton seems to be in that position. “I guess we have to find out what they want,” he said. “I’m not certain what they want to do. Do they want to become partners with this organization so they can get grant money to fix their reservoir to supply their own water to their residents, or do they want to be a partner of the Chautauqua County Water District? They are two separate things in my opinion.”

As we all know, Fredonia is in a bit of chaos. But board members, while looking to fill positions, need to also be publicly discussing their thoughts and ideas about being a part of the regional solution.

If it can specifically outline to the water district its mission of being a partner — and approve moving forward — that could speed the process. It would also bring some comfort to those district board members who question the village’s motives.