Central Avenue takes back seat

As August begins its wind down, the clock on the construction season is ticking. In January, the city of Dunkirk learned Central Avenue would be receiving some needed attention from Chautauqua County crews.

City officials were hoping the work would have been completed before the Grand Prix boat races that took place last weekend. Obviously, it has not.

Which leads one to wonder: will the county get around to fixing Central Avenue even though it is slated for the fall?

“Central Avenue is a county road, so we’re responsible for drainage, but we’re not responsible for repaving. It’s long over due,” said Randy Woodbury at the beginning of 2018. “It’s scheduled for what they call a ‘mill and fill,’ so they’ll mill it and repave it from Millard Fillmore Drive all the way to the pier.”

County legislators last week took to the radio airwaves at WDOE to boast about all they are getting accomplished in our region. Bumpy Central Avenue in the city, so far, is not one of them.